Chargers Should Start Tyrod Taylor

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While Chargers fans might want rookie quarterback Justin Herbert to start, Tyrod Taylor is the right man.

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn spoke to reporters Wednesday about the quarterback situation with Tyrod Taylor. Lynn spoke about how Taylor will “probably be the day one starter.” He also complimented his work ethic believing he’s the “perfect guy” to mentor first-round pick Justin Herbert.

The Chargers will be starting a new quarterback for the first time after Philip Rivers has held the position for 14 seasons. Taylor has been a starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns. He’s known for being mobile and protecting the football with minimum turnovers. So far, Taylor has thrown 54 touchdowns to 20 interceptions along with 16 rushing touchdowns.

Herbert appears to be the future franchise quarterback of the Chargers after being their first-round pick this year. He was considered to be NFL ready since his sophomore year at Oregon. His college career ended with 95 touchdowns with 22 interceptions.

Should Tyrod Taylor be the Chargers Starter?

Herbert is the sexy pick to be the starting quarterback. His 6 foot 6 inch, 236-pound frame makes him the prototypical quarterback that should make him successful. He’s a winner who’s been on the great teams, but been on a struggling Oregon team his freshman year. As long as Herbert has the talent around him in LA, he should be a successful quarterback.

In the Chargers’ history, they’ve proven that sitting a rookie quarterback works. Instead of Drew Brees leading the way, it will be Tyrod Taylor leading the way. That’s the right move.

Taylor was a great mentor for Baker Mayfield in his rookie season in Cleveland. In the HBO show “Hard Knocks”, former Browns coach Hue Jackson wanted Mayfield to follow Taylor’s example. Jackson wanted him to be the first to work and the last to leave the facility.

Taylor is the perfect quarterback to hold down the position for the season. The Chargers won’t have many turnovers on offense and Taylor’s mobility opens up the playcalling. His abilities gives them more options of plays to run than when Rivers was staying in the pocket. The team can follow his lead and have the best chance to win.

Tyrod Taylor is the right man for the Chargers, but if things don’t go well late in the season, Herbert should get playing time. Sometimes it’s better to be thrown in the fire when it doesn’t mean anything than when it really counts.

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