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Dak Prescott, Cowboys Need to Finalize Deal ASAP

Dak Prescott, Cowboys Need to Finalize Deal ASAP
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The drama surrounding Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys’ contract talks has proven to be a distraction.

While it has been ongoing, more speculation occurred last week with Chris Simms’ report. Simms had said Dallas offered Prescott five-year, $175 million contract which he reportedly turned down.

Things got interesting when later in the week Ian Rapoport reported that Simms’ news was incorrect. The difference between both sides is the length of the contract. Prescott wants a shorter deal while the Cowboys want to lock him up for a longer deal.

Contract talks have been going on all offseason as Dallas extended Prescott an exclusive franchise tag for 2020. The tag would be worth around $31 million which would put him in the top five in the NFL among quarterbacks.

How Far Apart is Prescott and Dallas?

Time and time again during the offseason, fans have been hearing how the price wasn’t high enough for Prescott. Dallas was looking in the range of $30 million which is reportedly not in his range. Prescott is most likely looking to become the highest paid player in the league. He wants to be in the range of the top paid quarterbacks with Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger.

The contract length is also being discussed between the two sides. Prescott wants it shorter because he’s going to want to test the free agent market in the near future. Dallas wants to lock him up longer because they want their quarterback for a long time.

In the age of free agency, Prescott has the mindset of other players and not wanting to be in one place for a long time. It’s surprising that a quarterback doesn’t want to commit long-term. Dallas hasn’t helped their cause in showing Prescott that love.

How Much is He Worth?

Prescott has been great for Dallas since starting at quarterback in 2016. Dallas has finished with at least eight wins or more each season with two postseason appearances. He’s proven to be durable starting every game since he’s been in the league. His mobility can’t be underestimated as he’s shown great ability to throw out of the pocket.

The Cowboys would not be in the position they are in without him. Prescott is the most important player on the team. What’s held him back has been inconsistent coaching and playcalling. New head coach Mike McCarthy has a chance to write the wrongs and push Prescott.

He’s a polarizing quarterback with some people loving him and others not. It seems crazy that a guy who has gone 40-24 with two playoff appearances in four years can be criticized so much. The weapons on offense are there, but they’re worthless without Prescott.

Dallas needs to pay Prescott and give him what he wants before the season. He needs to do the same though and meet the team halfway. A compromise has to be made by both sides. Otherwise, Dallas fans have another average season with nothing to show. Not to mention they’ll see their quarterback walk out the door. Jerry Jones can’t allow that to happen.

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