DeSean Jackson Should be Punished for Anti-Semitic Messages

Anthony Miller
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DeSean Jackson is taking a lot of heat for his anti-Semitic comments on Instagram and now could be in hot water.

The controversy began when DeSean Jackson shared on his Instagram story fake quotes from Adolf Hitler making anti-Semitic comments. His quote read that white Jews “will blackmail America. [They] will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.”

An additional two posts were shared on Jackson’s Instagram with quotes and comments towards the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Those posts included showing respect for Farrakhan as many have identified Farrakhan as an anti-Semitic himself. The posts have been deleted since.

The Philadelphia Eagles organization released a statement Tuesday on the matter. “We have spoken with DeSean Jackson about his social media posts. Regardless of his intentions, the messages he shared were offensive, harmful, and absolutely appalling. They have no place in our society, and are not condoned or supported in any way by the organization.

Jackson apologized twice on social media for the incident and promised to do better by everyone.

Prior to the apology on Tuesday, Jackson responded to his posts Monday by stating how people were taking it “the wrong way.”

“Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,” he posted on his Instagram story. “I have no hatred in my heart toward no one!! Equality. Equality.”

Reading Into Jackson’s Messages

It’s hard to tell what Jackson was trying to accomplish with his posts on Instagram, but it’s easy to say he did it the wrong way. He was trying to make posts about bring African-Americans together in a time where the Black Lives Matter movement is at its peak. The truth is not many think Jackson truly knew what he was posting.

He was trying to provide a powerful message of unity for the African-American community. The posts hurt more people than his initial intention.

This shouldn’t be a reflection on Jackson as a person as he has done good work in the Philadelphia community. Coaches and teammates respect Jackson for the person he is. He will have to carry this mistake with him for a long time.

What Punishment Should He Face?

Philadelphia is going to have no choice but respond with some kind of punishment for his comments. People want everyone else to be equal and respectful to each other. This is the Eagles’ opportunity to make a statement.

How should they punish Jackson? Most likely, it will be some kind of fine or short suspension for the comments. Jackson has to make more of an effort to show his support for the Jewish community. This will go a long way towards helping his case.

Jackson made a mistake as many people do. As a society, people should remember that we are not perfect and won’t always say the same thing. It’s a matter of showing people that they are making an effort to fix the wrong.

Drew Brees made comments that people in the Black Lives Matter movement was offended by as well. Brees is making an effort to earn education on the movement. Jackson will be doing the same thing. That’s what everyone wants in the end. Equality for all.

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