Hot Seat: NBA Coaches in Need of Playoff Success

Garrett Brooks
Garrett is a freelance writer covering both the NFL & NBA on a variety of topics. He's also a Student, currently working toward his degree in Sport Management from Grand Canyon University. Besides writing, he has experience in live events, sports training, and social media.
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Honorable Mentions

Terry Stotts, Portland Trailblazers

Terry Stotts got dealt a bad hand this season in terms of health. His roster was beat up before the year started, and that continued over the course of the season. While Carmelo Anthony fit much better than many projected, the team just couldn’t overcome injuries.

This isn’t a knock on coach Stotts, who would find himself being interviewed for open positions across the league. Instead, this is a reflection of the Trailblazers lack of options to improve there roster. A panic move isn’t hard to believe here.

If C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard remain the focal point of the franchise, it’s possible we see a coaching change just to make a move.

Jacque Vaughn, Brooklyn Nets

Calling coach Vaughn’s situation a hot seat isn’t fair. He’s the interim head coach, who may be seen strictly as a place holder for the Nets. If he has the support of star players Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, he has a chance of getting the full time job.

The problem, is both stars are not in Orlando. Vaughn needs to over achieve with a battered Nets roster to prove to the front office he can lead a contender moving forward.

Now, to the coaches who are fully on the NBA hot seat.

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