It’s Official: Washington Will Change Their Nickname

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The wait is officially over. Washington has decided a change is needed to their nickname.

The name made the official announced Monday morning after speculation was Washington was going to announce a change to their nickname.

This action was taken after FedEx and Nike asked Washington to change the nickname after years of ignoring the racial undertones of the name. Nike pulled all Washington gear from their online store. FedEx threatened to cut business ties from them should they not make the move. Minority owners of the team also wanted out after not wanting to be associated with the organization.

The team released a statement just before the Fourth of July announcing they were reviewing a change to their nickname. Speculation came shortly afterwards that they would at least move on from the logo before the announcement Monday.

It is unknown as to who the new name will be or when they are going to make the announcement. The team is continuing its review and wanting to find a logo and team name that fits with their history.

Why Did it Take so Long for Washington to Change the Nickname?

For years, owner Dan Snyder has held strong on not changing the name of the football team. Back in 2013, he said in an interview that he would “never” change the name of the Washington team. Snyder felt it was apart of their history and culture to keep the nickname where it was.

There was pressure from the public to try to make the change to the name, but not enough to push them over the top. It took sponsors of the team to threaten to pull out to get the job done. FedEx and Nike deserve a lot of credit for pushing Snyder to the point of having to make a change.

Considerations for New Team Name

Several names have been brought up during this time and some new ones have been picking up steam on social media.

Former Washington linebacker Will Compton suggested the name Redwolves.

The concept fits with the team as it keeps their distinguished red color while adding the R to the logo. While the logo is subtle, the feathers on the logo makes it fun and innovative for fans to see. This is a nickname that has picked up a lot of attention the past week and could be a serious contender.

Another name that has been most commonly seen on social media is the Redtails.

Many fans have enjoyed this name because of it being able to keep the combination of red and yellow for their colors. The history behind the name is fitting for Washington D.C. and the current climate of the Black Lives Matter movement. Redtails comes from the World War II Tuskgee Airmen, the first African-American military aviator team in U.S. Air Force history. It all fits so well with what the team wants to represent for future generations.

The last of the common names is the Washington Warriors.

Some fans like it because it keeps the colors, but could also keep one of their original logos. Back in 2002, Washington celebrated their 70th anniversary with a new logo that featured a spear with a darker colored red. Many think this could be the direction the team is taking so that they don’t have too much to change in the process. It keeps their tradition alive while entering a new era of Washington football.

No matter who they change their nickname to, Washington has finally made an offseason move that fans can be proud of.

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