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It’s Time For Major League Baseball To Open Investigations

It’s Time For Major League Baseball To Open Investigations
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Major League Baseball couldn’t have handled the sign-stealing scandal any worse.

And this comes from a guy that lives in Houston, Texas.

Major League Baseball, much like the Houston Astros, have  public relations nightmare on their hands.  Each and everyday, there is more and more piled on by players, baseball media, and fans.  Unless MLB takes action, this is only going to get worse.

The only way to move past sign-stealing is to completely open up investigations and look at every franchise.  I’m going to look at three key factors that will allow Major League Baseball to clear up any confusion and move forward.


Blanket Immunity

That’s right, I said blanket immunity.  If Major League Baseball offers immunity to all players, coaches, and front office personnel, along with the promise that no further punishment will occur, we might actually see those involved come forward.

It’s what worked with the Houston Astros.  Had Rob Manfred not offered the players immunity, there was no reason forth to corroborate the statements made by Mike Fiers.  By offering immunity to all those in the game, Major League Baseball will be able to end speculation on which teams have cheated in the past, as well as which teams have remained clean.


Transparent Investigations

A clear and transparent investigation into the cheating scandal will go a long ways in clearing up speculation and doubt by all.  Not only will a transparent investigation provide results, but they’ll also produce a roadmap for how those results were found.  By doing this, we’ll find out how many teams were found to steal signs, the system they built do so, as well as how often they were cheating.  An independent investigator must handle this.


A Plan In Place To Move Forward And Eliminate Cheating Technology

Following an investigation, Major League Baseball, and more importantly Rob Manfred, needs to develop a plan to move forward and ensure that the game of baseball is kept clean.  This was done following the Steroid Era, and should be done here, too.  This should include personnel at every stadium whose job is to police the dugout and keep the area clean.  As technology advances, so does the speed which technology can be relayed and received.  Eliminating technology altogether, and getting back to baseball fundamentals, is the biggest key to moving forward with a clean game of baseball.



These three factors are, in my opinion, the only way that Major League Baseball, it’s players, coaches, media, and fans can move forward.  Until Manfred puts a plan like this into place, the sign-stealing scandal won’t get better.  In fact, I think it’s only going to get worse and worse.