NFL Should Cancel the Preseason in 2020

Anthony Miller
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A preseason in the NFL may not be worth it as they try to protect the health of players and staff.

ProFootballTalk first reported last week that the league was scrapping week one and four of the preseason.

The NFL already announced last month that the Pro Football Hall of Fame game and induction ceremony were canceled for 2020. So far, the preseason will only have two games that features one home and away game for each team. The preseason will start the week of August 20.

It has been talked about for the past few years on reducing the preseason from four to two games. This move by the NFL could be seen as a safety precaution to protect players and staff from COVD-19. The move could also help the league experiment to see if two preseason games is enough to fill out a roster.

This may not be the first change that the NFL could make because of COVID-19 concerns. The league is looking at potentially reducing the number of players on the training camp roster to about 75 to 80 players. Another consideration that is picking up steam is canceling the preseason all together.

Why Canceling the Preseason is Necessary

ESPN’s Dan Graziano reported Friday the NFLPA board of player representatives voted unanimously to recommend canceling all NFL preseason games.

The NFL would smart to pick on the players’ recommendation.

Money will be lost regardless of what the NFL does because teams will not have as many fans in the stands this season. This will also reduce the amount of exposure to players being around other players who might be sick.

For years, veteran players have complained about the length of preseason and find it to be pointless. Most coaches can figure out after a short amount of time who is going to make the team or not. It makes some sense to cancel it all together and move on with the regular season.

The only issue comes with younger players trying to make an NFL team. Again, most coaches know who will make the team, but needs live action games to know for sure. Teams should consider doing more live scrimmages to help offset those issues. It isn’t the same as it would be in previous years, but this has been an odd year.

The next month and a half is going to be critical for the NFL. They are running out of time before the season starts and needs to continue making tough decisions. Fans could be hearing more cancellations in the upcoming weeks. Don’t expect the regular season to see changes, but no NFL preseason games could be a possibility.

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