NFL Won’t Feel Impact of College Football Postponements

Anthony Miller
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The NFL appears to be full forces with their season, but college football’s season could be dead.

Multiple outlets reported that the Big Ten and Pac-12 made the decision to postpone their college football seasons leaving an opening potentially for the NFL. Both conferences will reexamine if they want to have a college football season in the spring. There is no word on whether the two conferences’ departure from the season will impact the College Football Playoffs. This news, however, doesn’t appear to change the NFL and their plans for 2020.

How Does The News Impact the NFL Season

It would be hard to believe that the NFL will be feeling the effects of college football not happening in the fall. The league should continue on as usual and play football. College football has the challenge of figuring out their schedules which was impacted by other conferences canceling their seasons.

No matter what college football does, the NFL will push on as usual. The league is already losing money with not having fans in the stands so they need games to be played. What separates them from college football is they have a good COVID-19 testing protocol. College football doesn’t have one in place that would make it safe for players to play.

The only thing that could impact the NFL in the draft. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 potentially moving to the spring, it could postpone the draft. The NFL has already publicly stated they will keep everything the same and not change dates. Even with the league saying that, nobody truly knows what the world will look like in the next 6-12 months.

Without a season, college football players might not be as prepared for the NFL as some might think. College players need to have that season under them to develop and get better. The NFL might feel the impact of players not being as day one ready as they would like.

What the NFL Should Do If College Football is Completely Canceled

The NFL might be able to take advantage of the situation that could benefit the league. If no college football is available this fall, the NFL completely controls the airwaves with football. The league could see a huge opportunity to occupy television altogether.

They could start with spreading games out each week to play Thursday through Monday. The NFL knows that with college football out of the picture, people will be starving for more football. Playing multiple games throughout the week would be more than plenty for people to be satisfied. More programming means more money and eyes for the league.

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