Philip Rivers’ Future in LA in Doubt

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A firestorm of reaction came out after Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer made comments on the air about Philip Rivers’ future in LA. On his appearance Monday on the The Herd with Collin Cowherd when Cowherd was asked about Drew Brees coming back to the Saints next season. Rivers’ name was also brought up during the interview.

“Drew is in a different position from anybody else,” Glazer replied. “The Giants have moved on from Eli, the Chargers have moved on from Philip Rivers. Brady has a choice where he’s going to want to go. Brees it’s Saints or nobody.”

There was confusion in the media and among NFL fans over the comments. Glazer cleared up his statement on Tuesday as he was not reporting on Rivers’ future.

It didn’t help that it was reported that Rivers moved his family out of San Diego and moved to Florida. Rivers’ performance on the field last season has added fuel to the fire. Rivers threw 20 interceptions which ranked third in the NFL. Not exactly a stat you want to be top five in the league.

What’s Next for Rivers?

The drama with Rivers’ return not likely now begs the question on where he will be going. Since he and his family will be in Florida, fans have to think that a Florida team could be in the works. All three teams have quarterback needs.

Miami Dolphins

Miami could be in the market for a quarterback. The team is expected to draft a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft, but have the option to look in free agency for a veteran if they choose.

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned the respect of his teammates, coaches, and fans with his play late in the season. He is under contract for one more season if they decide to roll with his next season. Josh Rosen is no longer a viable choice after he performed poorly in three starts.

While Fitzpatrick played well and Rosen being out of the running at quarterback, Rivers could come in and help develop a very young team. If a rookie will be drafted by the team, they will look at Rivers to help get him on the right track for a year or two.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians didn’t do Jameis Winston any favors after not giving him the greatest endorsement in front of the media. Winston is a free agent and it is unknown whether Arians will bring him back. Ryan Griffin is the other teams’ current option so not much more to look at on their own roster.

Arians has been known for taking on old veteran quarterbacks after his success in Arizona with Carson Palmer. He could look at Rivers as an option to develop a quarterback behind him for a season or two.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Nick Foles did not work out like expected for the team after he got hurt after one quarter of play in the first game of the season. They started him in a few games after he returned from injury and didn’t look the same after that.

Gardner Minshew was considered one of the biggest surprises of the season as he played well for the team. Things might have not gone well for the team this season, but the future looks bright with Minshew at quarterback.

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone could decide that Foles is too expensive and trade or cut him. Marrone might think Minshew isn’t the answer either. Rivers could jump in to develop Minshew and get the team on the right path in 2020 for a strong 2021 with Minshew at quarterback.

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