Prescott Getting Paid Puts Band-Aid on Cowboys Contract Issues

Anthony Miller
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The Dallas Cowboys finally have Dak Prescott locked up for at least this season, but what about the future?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Monday Prescott signed his exclusive franchise tender that is worth $31.4 million.

For Dallas, this ensures Prescott will be under contract for at least the 2020 season. The Cowboys and Prescott have until July 15 to agree on a long term deal before the season starts. If a deal is not reached, both sides can’t work on the deal until after the season.

Prescott has been one of the feel good stories since entering the league. After Tony Romo got injured in 2016, Prescott entered the starting quarterback role as a rookie. He led the team to a 13-3 record and a first-round bye in the playoffs. Prescott would make the Pro Bowl and was named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Despite the Cowboys making the playoffs only once in the last three seasons, Prescott has never missed a game and the team have never finished under 8-8. Prescott has added another Pro Bowl appearance and a playoff win in 2018.

This Doesn’t Fix Long-Term Issues in Dallas

Prescott gets the money he feels he deserves for at least one season. Dallas has security at quarterback for the 2020 season. All is good with the world for at least one year, but what now for both sides?

The major date to keep note of is July 15th which is the deadline for a long-term deal to be reached. This is what Prescott wants to happen before the season. He feels he deserves a longer, more expensive contract to stay in Dallas. The Cowboys are resistant to paying him a big contract after paying multiple players last year with large deals.

If Prescott goes this season without a new deal, it could smell trouble for both sides.

There isn’t much doubt that the Cowboys want Prescott long term and he wants to be a Cowboy for life. Money will always rule the day. Moves might have to be made if Dallas signs Prescott to a new deal.

The good news is the salary cap increases every season, but COVID-19 might change that. If the league is unable to get the revenue it is accustomed to, the salary cap could go down. That would not be good for Prescott.

Is Prescott the Future Quarterback for Dallas?

It would be insane to think Dallas would want to watch him walk. Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones has already stated this offseason they want to sign him long term. There’s no secret both sides want to make to deal work. It appears though that owner Jerry Jones doesn’t want to pay Prescott top quarterback money.

Prescott has always been a team player. He’s always said the right thing and is a leader. He is not one to cause a distraction, but he feels disrespected. Every top quarterback is getting long deals to stay with their teams and Dallas won’t give it to him. It must be hurtful for him to see Dallas treat him like that.

In the end, Dallas will find a way to pay him, but if they don’t do it soon enough, Prescott will find a team that will pay him what he wants.

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