Taysom Hill Should Not Be Compared to Lamar Jackson

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Taysom Hill and Lamar Jackson are both athletic quarterbacks, but comparing the two might not be the right course of action.

When answering mail from fans last week, Jay Glazer had stated that Hill was a “bigger Lamar Jackson.”

The initial question was surrounding whether Hill would be the future starter of the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees most likely has one or two more years in him before retirement. It has been reported that Hill is the most likely successor to Brees.

The initial comparison between Hill and Jackson is understandable. Both players possess the skills to make a difference in the passing game or running game. Hill has proven to be a secret weapon catching the ball. Fans haven’t seen it much from Jackson, but Jackson has proved himself to be a starting quarterback.

How Jackson and Hill Are Different

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Obviously, it’s hard to compare the two quarterbacks since Hill is behind a future hall of fame quarterback. Jackson was able to replace Joe Flacco because of injury in his rookie season. Hill hasn’t had that chance yet.

With that being said, it takes a certain type of player to play at the level of Jackson. We’ve only seen players of Jackson’s caliber like Michael Vick and Randall Cunningham. His ability to scramble out of the pocket and throw on the run is rare to find. Fans have seen that more often than Hill.

Hill has been a dynamic aspect to his game that Jackson has not shown off yet. The Saints have asked Hill to contribute in many ways in passing, running, catching, and special teams. Jackson might be able to do the same, but the way Hill is built makes him more of the “Human Swiss Army Knife” than Jackson could be.

How Both Quarterbacks Are Similar

Both quarterbacks can use their feet and speed to make plays. Hill runs around at 4.4 40-yard dash while Jackson runs around a 4.3. Speed kills with these guys who are always a threat to make a big play at any time.

Size is also very similar between the two. Even though it might appear that Hill has a bigger built than Jackson, both are six foot two inches and hover around 215-220 lbs. That kind of size makes it easier to move around despite not being as tall as an average quarterback should be.

Is One Quarterback Better Than The Other?

It might be too early to tell since Hill’s only been in the league since 2017 and Jackson joined in 2018. Jackson is much younger at 23 which gives him an advantage. Hill is sitting at 29 years old which gives him less time to be the future of the Saints.

Jackson appears to have the edge as his future looks bright. The Ravens appear to have the quarterback for a long time and make him their franchise quarterback. It would have to take a lot like a Robert Griffin III type injury to slow him down.

Hill seems to be perfectly capable of being the quarterback when he’s ready. Sean Payton has seen something in him to believe he’s the future of the team. For New Orleans, it could take some time for him to develop, but with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, New Orleans’ offense looks scary.

It’s too early to compare both quarterbacks, but they both will be fun to watch for the next five to ten years.

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