All-Time Astro Tournamen: Final Four

All-time Astros

The All-time Astro Tournament: Final Four matchups are set (vote here). Boy did we have an elite eight upset. Overall number one seed Nolan Ryan pulls a Kansas Jayhawk and falls to a Jose Altuve he probably should have beat. Fans decided Jose was worthy of a shot against former ace Mike Scott. Doing so despite the sting of ’17 and the fact his career is not yet fully written.

Mike Scott manages to advance to the semi-final round by slipping past former teammate, Jose Cruz. While I’m sure we all love Jose, he just didn’t pull enough votes to knock off a number one.

Craig Biggio handled business in his matchup against former teammate Roy Oswalt, defeating him by a decent margin. Oswalt was reported to have handled the loss by social distancing on a bulldozer, pulling stumps. 

Jeff Bagwell put an absolute smackdown on Roger Clemens. Clemens was unable to garner a single vote against the hall of famer. It should be noted that Bagwell has had the toughest route for any of the top seeds by far. In addition to Clemens, Bagwell has had to overcome Verlander and Dierker as well. 

Final Four

Our matchups for the All-Time Astros Tournament: Final Four are interesting in that they are completely different, and yet still great in their own right.

The top game, featuring Jose Altuve and Mike Scott, is a matchup of old versus new. Pitcher versus hitter. National league versus American league. My knee jerk reaction is to say that the average age of the voter will determine the winner. However, Altuve’s win over Ryan leads me to believe this one is locked up before it starts.

The second matchup may turn out to be the matchup of the tourny. Long time friends and fellow hall of famers Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell square up for the right to go to the finals. Who will win? The all-time Astro power king or the all-time Astro hit king?

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