All-Time Astro Tournament: 2nd Round

All-time Astros

Round of 32

Welcome to the all-time Astro round of 32. The first round in search of the All-Time Astro has come to a close, and like any good tournament has gone mostly chalk with a few interesting upsets. Several noteable upsets were Andy Pettitte knocking off Dickie Thon and Mike Hampton defeating Cesar Cedeno. It is incredibly likely that some of that voting came down to the age of the voter as Cesar Cedeno is 10th in batting average, 5th in total bases and 4th in Baseball Reference WAR.

Another observation from the first round is that all four Killer Bees (the original 3 and Berkman) advanced to round two. Whats more, the way the bracket sets up we could possibly see the original 3 in the final four if Derek Bell can make a bit of a cinderella run.

On a bitter sweet note, it was good to see Jimy Wynn slip by Enos Cabel by the slimest of margins. (We had one voter contact me after voting officially closed to get their votes in.)

Moving on

Well, now that we have entered the round of 32, the decisions get a lot tougher. Even the matchups where one player is an obvious pick over the other it will be tough to see someone leave. 

One interesting matchup is Jose Altuve vs George Springer. The two current heros matchup in the equivalent of confrence rivals meeting in the NCAA tourney. Who gets to advance on to the sweet 16?

Another pairing I am anxious to see unfold is Joe Morgan going against Jim Deshaies. I personally have a favorite. I am holding back though until the round is over afraid of influencing the vote. We will definitly check that one this weekend.

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