All-Time Astros Tournament: Elite 8


The quest to find the greatest Astro of all time has lead us here, to the All-Time Astros Tournament: Elite 8 edition! The sweet 16 was great as we ended up with 2 ties! Jose Lima pushed Nolan Ryan to the brink while Ken Caminiti and Roger Clemens could not separate themselves.

The tie-breaker came down to most votes in previous rounds, sending Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens on. I tried my hardest to see if there was any way Lima could be considered greater than Ryan. All I could come up with is that he was better his Casa Ole commercials than Ryan was for Olshan or that Advil one in the disgusting shirt. In the end, it just wasn’t enough.

Elite 8

The elite 8 is an accomplished group who’s stats include, 3 Hall of Famers, 37 all-star appearances, 2 MVP’s, 1033 home runs, 8 no-hitters, 8 Cy Youngs, 15 Silver Sluggers, and 13,707 strikeouts. All four of the top seeds have made it, and I find it unlikely any of them will sweep the votes. The heaviest favorite has to be Nolan Ryan going against Jose Altuve. The fact that Altuve has made it this far while still writing his story is a testament to how great he already has become in Houston sports lore. However, I see no possible way he beats the Express to advance. Every other matchup is interesting in that it pits guys who played with each other now going against each other.

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