All-Time Astro Tournament

All-time Astros

Have you realized just how much you miss baseball? Have you been thinking about the greatest Astros of all-time? Then join in its inaugural All-Time Astro Tournament. 

We have put together a list of 64 Astros in an attempt to find the greatest. Some are life long Astros (Biggio, Bagwell), while some were with the club only a short time(Randy Johnson, Gerrit Cole). There are hall of famers and guys more suited for the hall of mediocre for their on field performance, yet find themselves in the hearts of Astro fans everywhere. 

Each round will last 48 hours until the greatest Astro of all-time is crowned on April 4th. I want you and everyone you know to vote based not only on their on the field performance, but your gut. Players like Jose Lima and Charlie Morton may not be the most talented Astros ever, but they hold a special place in our collective hearts. I believe that should count for something here. 

Interesting Round One Matchups

In the first section, called the Milo Hamilton Regional we see Derek Bell take on Lance McCullers Jr. In the battle of an original Killer Bee versus Mr. 24 straight curves the age of the voter may determine the outcome.

The second section, aka the Loel Passe Regional, sees two beloved Houston pitchers square off in Randy Johnson and Jim Deshaies. It will be the hottest of hot streaks versus the full career.

Going on to the Bill Brown Regional we have what I feel is the most interesting matchup of the first round with the battle of the maligned but great closer in Brad Lidge and Ken Giles.

The final regional, the Bill Worrell Regional, is dominated by some of the all time great pitchers. However, the most interesting matchup may be Carlos Correa versus Terry Puhl.

No matter who you like, be sure to vote here and tell your friends. Also, don’t forget to tell us who was snubbed and religated to the Houston baseball NIT. Most importantly, enjoy this roundup of all-time Astros. Hit us up on twitter @CrushCityBlog or me directly @mgsimmons98.