Fantasy Fridays

This week’s Fantasy Friday will be some quick notes to act on before weekend waivers hit.

It is hard to tell just how good this team is right now for fantasy. Most of the lineup is raking at the moment. The question is how much of that is the A’s playing like straight garbage.

If you have Astros, you’re playing them. Unless you were one of those people that drafted Straw. He’s just not a good hitter so is team makeup-dependent as to whether you start him. He will get steals, and at the back of this lineup, he’s likely to get an RBI any time he gets a hit.

As I’m typing this Straw just made that amazing slide against the A’s Thursday night which really illustrates his real-world value over his fantasy value. Real-world, that’s a play 90% of guys don’t make, and a run scores. Its effect is the same as hitting a home run. For fantasy, it’s absolutely worthless.

Brantley is back and he doesn’t appear to have slowed down one bit. He went 1 for 4 in his return game, but looked solid at the plate and in the field.

Don’t look now, but Carlos Correa is heating up like we knew he would. He has gone 8 for his last 20 with 2 home runs and 5 RBI. You might be able to steal him off from one of those Stros fans who’s been whining about him not being worth $300 mil. Also they’re wrong. Find out why here.

Double-check the waiver wire and grab Framber if you haven’t already. He is getting closer to returning and you don’t want to miss out on that.

Odorizzi Should be ready to go soon as well. He’s not likely to be nearly as dominant as Framber, but could easily be a good contributor to a team that needs some pitching.

Javier is likely headed back to the pen once Odorizzi and Valdez return. That’s ok though, he will likely be one of those useful middle relievers that helps with ratios and some K’s. If you want to see some of his dominance, look here.

Be sure to check back next week for Fantasy Fridays. As the season progresses, we will begin taking deeper dives into players as well as looking at prospects.